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Julie Whitmer

Last week, I shared Tips for Buyers looking to make a real estate transaction. This week, the tables are turned and I’ve curated my top tips for sellers looking to make a sale! Selling your home is just as big of a commitment as buying a home. You have more of an investment, so in some cases it may even be harder! But don’t fret, the process may seem daunting but the ball is in your court since you are supplying the goods. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll master the sale!


Lay it all out on the table. Why are you selling? What is your asking price? Do you know about details of your home, like how old appliances are and if they need to be replaced? Buyers will ask! It’s a good idea to make a game plan of what you need to do to get your home ready for a sale keeping in mind your desired sell date. Get a list of records for your home so you are able to answer any questions from real estate agents and buyers. Selling your home is a process so the first step is to lay it all out and be prepared!
  • Figure out why and when you need to sell.
  • Gather facts and data about home.
  • Think about price points.


Try to be as objective as possible as your take a walk-through of your home and focus on what you can do to attract buyers. The things you notice will provide the first impression for buyers when they walk into your home. Ask yourself questions on whether renovations or changes are in your budget and work towards setting up your home for success.
  • Take an objective walk-through of your home.
  • Focus on enhancing positive features and consider making improvements.


Let’s face the facts, you’re going to have to get professionals involved. Selling a home is no easy feat but there are many people that can make your life easier and some things that require a professional in order to move forward. When it comes to marketing, advertising, and helping you figure out the ins and outs of the market, a real estate agent is your go-to. It’s always a great idea to have someone in your corner with expert advice. A home inspection although not necessary, is recommended so you can figure out what improvements you need to make so they don’t hurt your sale.
  • Search for a compatible real estate agent that will help you through the process.
  • Get a home inspection to “look under the hood” of your home and make necessary repairs and changes.


If you are looking to make renovations before selling your home in order to increase your resale value, you need to hire professional help. If this is do-able with your budget and timeline, go forth and make the arrangements. But in most cases, a full reno will not be the best investment and won’t reap the desired return, especially in a short amount of time. Making cosmetic changes may be your best bet and will increase your chances of a quicker sale.

Three areas to focus on which will attract buyers are updates to the kitchen (new cabinets, flooring) and bathroom (new fixtures, lighting, mirrors) and upgrading energy efficient appliances. Even little things like a coat of paint and replacing hardware can make all the difference.

And don’t forget the exterior of your home! They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but curb appeal is a buyers first impression. Tackle any landscaping issues, fix or replace any features that look run down (shutters, windows, gutters, light fixtures), repaint if necessary (including the front door), and make sure the door bell works!
  • Make renovations or cosmetic changes depending on time and budget.
  • Focus on updates to kitchen and bathroom and upgrading to EE appliances.
  • Increase curb appeal.


This is where your real estate agent will become your best friend. Because of their expertise in the field, they know exactly what you need to do to get your sale. They’ve most likely sold something recently that will give you insight into market conditions and help you decide the perfect listing price. They’ve also got resources that don’t compare to a buyer selling on their own. With plenty of social media channels, an extensive network of real estate professionals and referrals for home services (mortgage lenders, home inspectors, stagers, construction crews), and access to the MLS, your home will be plastered all over the place which is exactly what you need!
  • Work with your real estate agent to create a marketing plan that suits your needs.
  • List your home!


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